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Chicken wing barbeque special?

Chicken wing barbeque special?

Had our dinner tonight at coastal old eatery, at the corner of little manmade peninsular in 70s, an open space-Tanjung Lipat

We used to come here some years ago.

Whenever we decide to come to this place we always worry about rain, and a little drizzling when we arrived but that was it.

In as far as my son’s mind is concerned, we come here for none other than chicken’s wing barbeque, which he considered to be special what he means is tastier compare with the rest found around Kota Kinabalu

I brought little Lumix camera with me and my son is with his D5000 for his FB, while waiting for the food to be served we would test our lens for snapshots of coastal view at the distance. Unfortunately surroundings area is muddy needs boots to be comfortable to walk about, so we settled from where we seated

The night view of Coastal Road, by Lumix 1/2sec, F3.5. ISO3200

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