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Little bit weird

Never in the past had we experienced receiving circulation of information from one corner of the world shared by many in another corner within seconds, especially the controversial or the weirdest ones.

Chicken foot found with chicken breasts from Safeway’s super market, I think that is no less yucky!

This is where face book and twitter got their prominent, in this context I would say they bring more good than harm.

There is no more time for consumer goods’ producers act arbitrarily and indifferently.

Every citizen can now become consumer vigilantes.

Of course in some countries the extent of freedom given to the media users vary, in China Face Book is blocked by the government.  In Malaysia & Russia citizens have been sent to prison for flouting the media law, while in some Middle Eastern countries heads could be chopped.

My view is, life without social networking wouldn’t be the same anymore, those who think of it more of a nuisance they might be a bit old fashion


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