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Open Burning sheer selfishness

The city –Kota Kinabalu, still looks blurry because of haze.
The haze is originated from the island of Sumatra. Due to open burning of the forest in the island though thousand over miles from Borneo (Sabah)

Only lately did the Indonesian’s President said sorry to Malaysia and Singapore.
Earlier his senior Minister refused to say sorry, to me he was giving an impression to people in this region that it wasn’t their fault.

I highlight the issue simply because I hear very often that Asian people are culturally innate understanding of each other, polite, tolerance and diplomatic. But such stubbornness from the senior Minister didn’t reflect the culture.

Anyway, people in this region do understand and in general agree that the individuals, participants in the burning of the forest should be penalised regardless nationalities.

It sounds each country agrees that the culprits are punished.

There are number of Malaysians, Singaporeans and of course Indonesians out there who couldn’t care or less about open burning of the jungle for the sheer selfishness.

All but for money.


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