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Little bit weird

Never in the past had we experienced receiving circulation of information from one corner of the world shared by many in another corner within seconds, especially the controversial or the weirdest ones.

Chicken foot found with chicken breasts from Safeway’s super market, I think that is no less yucky!

This is where face book and twitter got their prominent, in this context I would say they bring more good than harm.

There is no more time for consumer goods’ producers act arbitrarily and indifferently.

Every citizen can now become consumer vigilantes.

Of course in some countries the extent of freedom given to the media users vary, in China Face Book is blocked by the government.  In Malaysia & Russia citizens have been sent to prison for flouting the media law, while in some Middle Eastern countries heads could be chopped.

My view is, life without social networking wouldn’t be the same anymore, those who think of it more of a nuisance they might be a bit old fashion


Over the window


It looks like this year my blogs is filled up by photos  instead of write ups…little bit of change in mood 


The handiest gadget



How many times do we experience a situation like this; no time to pull camera out, the quickest we could pick is mobile phone, in my case is iPhone here..

Todays Prompt



If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it. (Bonus points if you give us a recipe!)

I don’t really know what is eatable associated with my name?           

I don’t eat rice (mind you rice is Asians’ staple food) I don’t eat bread that potatoes.

Yet am still having problem with my dietary, perhaps of my seafood taking ever since I was a kid now wouldn’t help me to be healthy.

Never mind food is food-nice tasty food difficult to resist, it’s just like music.

People who can afford don’t mind travelling long distant from where they live just for the sake of food especially over the weekend.

Now let me doing a little bit of selling of my State, Sabah that is. Any body visits Malaysia looking for seafood I think its none other than in Sabah.

Among the significant attraction about seafood is the varieties and price I would say

Well, my restaurant I chose seafood thingy! The best seafood in the city is in my restaurant go and see yellow pages.

The islanders


They have to go by boat to reach their homes. Home is island. Cars or buses don’t reach their doorways.

They’re local as far as my source is concered, if they’re not then my source  isn’t accurate. Anything can happen in Sabah though.

Photo by photography’s  enthusiast Ameerul 16, and he has plenty of time to takeover Mike Yamashita

Crispy banana chips


Local made crispy  banana chips  ..usual view by the road side

Daily Prompt: Party Animals (?)

After spending time with a group of people, do you feel energized and ready for anything or do you want to hide in the corner with a good book?

Spending time with close friends could help but not to anybody or it could be worse mixing with strangers.

Shying away in this manner -reading a book would be okay. I meant it isn’t that bad.

The dangerous ones are those who have severe depression. I was scheming through some data and noticed that around 30% to 70% would lead to suicidal.

Surely something is gravely wrong with ones’ life. For the last 60 years depression of this nature has increased and the number of young 15-25 years of age has tripled

Society should also be watchful, there is tendency of a person isolating himself or her could be in the state of severe depression.

Studies also show that those who have attempted to commit suicide are highly likely to repeat.

Other indictors according to experts are, personality change and a person who prone to make verbal warning he or she would want to kill himself or herself.

These people usually consider themselves hopeless with their life, and lack of future interest.

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