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Top view, River Puni at Temburong and below, present ferry carrying vehicles 
and passengeers

Why must we travel -zig zag to Brunei when we have no business to be there 
at the first place, its a waste really.

From Sabah to Sarawak by road, which starts from Sindumin-Merapok border to Limbang and twice crossing Brunei then only you arrive in Miri and then only you could proceed to the rest of Sarawak; can be trouble some.

For Sindumin community or Merapok or Lawas guys would be no problem crossing Sindumin Merapok border. The immigrations officers in charge know who you are perhaps one just have to be ready with identity card.  Usually the officers don’t even bother to ask.

But crossing border between Limbang to Brunei and other end again Limbang to Brunei can be time consuming, as you have to pass two Bruenis. There are occasions when the Brunei immigration officers aren’t that friendly even if you are just passing by with to intention to stopover in Brunei.

I remember seeing press statements twice  that Malaysian government  is to construct Sabah Sarawak highway without passing Brunei. Well, my guess is it would take several more General Elections.

It really is high time we need our own road without bothering others.

I just don’t understand why a ferry is used to cross the Puni River at Puni Temburung after 48 years independent on Malaysia’s side, and equally puzzling why Brunei too behaves the same as if we are still living in colonial period. Both countries need that crossing.

The ferry can only take 10 vehicles at a time.

My suspect of the rational leaving it as it was, partly is to signify that this area is Brunei’s territory thus no negotiation required!

Abdullah Badawi made a blunder on claiming that Brunei has dropped its claim over Limbang when actually was not.

If you have no business to do in Brunei why do we have to endure this unnecessarily journey crossing Brunei after all there isn’t much to entice us going to Brunei. I just hope someone in parliament revive the issue of building Borneo highway.


Comments on: "We Need Borneo Trunk Road" (1)

  1. I would love to drive that Borneo Highway!

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