Ethnics, Cultures & Religions

Bintulu at night

Part of Bintulu by night

Arrived in Bintulu around 10.00pm. Found a place to stay. Looked for place to eat. Settled with mamak’s restaurant. OK lah.

YB Chua Soon Bui called, another round of makan.

Noticed DAP party workers never sleep. Was introduced by YB.

Mood of the People

Mood of the people in town in Bintulu is similar to any other coastal towns in Sarawak. Many want to make changed happening this time around.It looks the Chinese and urban community have made up their mind. How far this discreet conversation can be translated into reality only God knows.

The  ‘Malay groups’ are still not telling much, can only be read with a very mixed feeling at this stage.

In Miri I learnt that quite substantial wouldn’t want to support Malayan’s political party that perhaps tells me they’re not voting for political party which is not from Sarawak. That also means they either with Sarawak BN or for opposition of Sarawak based. I’m too tired to guess.

Time to go back to the hotel; it’s now 1.27am

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