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Source: Village head details ‘beating’ on Radio Free Sarawak


Fear-stricken party President Najib Abdul Razak and his supporters will be risking it all if they kick at the stump that Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin has become in the party and politics.

Source: Kadir: There are reasons for Najib to fear Muhyiddin

There are elements who think that Sabah belongs to the Philippines and that they have a right to be in the state.

Source: Yong: End Sabah claim, turn away Sulu supporters

Source: Education Minister backs Sarawak Chief Minister over lack of English proficiency

The Federal Government wants the “Sabah Bumiputera” category in official forms.

Source: State Gov’t wants time to list ‘Sabah Bumi’ category

Pacos Trust claims that Communal Titles (CT) violate the constitutional rights and NCR of the Orang Asal and benefit only the Sabah Government and plantation companies.

Source: Communal Titles do not benefit Orang Asal

Hornbill Unleashed

Up to 90% of the education sector and heads of Federal departments in the state should comprise Sarawakians by 2018, says Sarawak PKR.

Towards this end, its chairman Baru Bian plans to table a motion in the upcoming State Legislative Assembly sitting urging the state government to take steps to achieve Borneonisation and equal ethnic parity share in the state civil service.

Baru, who is Ba’Kelalan assemblyman, said Sarawakians were currently under-represented in Federal public services in the state.

He noted that Borneonisation of public services in the state was an objective of the Federation of Malaysia as stated in the Inter-Governmental Committee Report 1962 and recognised in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

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