Decolonisation incomplete

Malaysian’s politics

The UN’ top court handed down its view; a bitter dispute between Britain and Mauritius over the fate of the Chagos islands, home to key UK and US military base.

It’s interesting indeed to study, this catch phrase ‘decolonisation incomplete’. Sabah and Sarawak though not the same nor similar to Chagos but in my view because of the way Malayan leaders treat the two States over the last 55 years is far from being equal as partners, therefore I have no reason not to highlight. In fact, Federal Government is dominated by Malayans; distribution of representatives is far from proportionate more so after Singapore left the Federation. Because Malaya has the numbers no way can the two Borneo States stop the bullying and this was why Malaysian Parliament managed to change the law in the 70s. For all intents and purposes, which Sabah and Sarawak initially partners to form Malaysia, reduced no more than the level of States of Federation of Malaya prior to the formation of Malaysia…

Source: Village head details ‘beating’ on Radio Free Sarawak

Fear-stricken party President Najib Abdul Razak and his supporters will be risking it all if they kick at the stump that Umno Deputy President Muhyiddin Yassin has become in the party and politics.

Source: Kadir: There are reasons for Najib to fear Muhyiddin

There are elements who think that Sabah belongs to the Philippines and that they have a right to be in the state.

Source: Yong: End Sabah claim, turn away Sulu supporters

Source: Education Minister backs Sarawak Chief Minister over lack of English proficiency

The Federal Government wants the “Sabah Bumiputera” category in official forms.

Source: State Gov’t wants time to list ‘Sabah Bumi’ category

Pacos Trust claims that Communal Titles (CT) violate the constitutional rights and NCR of the Orang Asal and benefit only the Sabah Government and plantation companies.

Source: Communal Titles do not benefit Orang Asal

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